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diana / hej · she/her · queer · 198x · bklyn


Hi! I'm Diana, but friends call me hej! I'm a disabled punk cartoonist and illustrator born and bred in Brooklyn, NY.

I love live music, weird robots, soft cats, bad games, and my darling fiancée, and I hope someday to see one of my hapless, beloved blue-and-orange sports teams (New York Mets and New York Islanders) finally win a championship.

Some of my other interests include sewing rude sentiments into my battlejackets, attempting inadvisable home repairs, and drawing extremely gay comics. Tragically, I have never seen a real hedgemaze in the flesh (in the leaf?).


For personal work, I mainly draw art of my characters from my comic, Catband, art for friends or art games, sports fanart, and other fun stuff. I love bright, bold colors, thick, dark lines, and lighting that straight-up belongs at a rave.

I post most of my art on Tumblr, but if you're interested in seeing WIPs and progress shots, I often post those on my art or comic Twitter accounts. Sometimes I stream while working on art on Picarto.


Catband is the name of my 2007-2009 webcomic that I'm currently working on a reboot of, aka the main thing that consumes my time, my thoughts, and any conversation you will have with me. It's a queer anarcho-punk tale of a battle of the bands competition set in 2007 New York City. It's a story about music and community, and the soul of a city.

The links below are to profiles of the characters, short stories from the world, and the comic's Twitter page, where I post WIPs and discuss development and behind-the-scenes tidbits. I post more of this content excusively on Patreon.


My commissions are currently closed, but information about my rates and options is linked below.

Please note that I do fanart commissions only during drives for charity donations, not for profit, and that I am not currently available for commercial work.


I dabble in photography as a hobby, and you can view some of my best sports and street photography in the links below.


I also stream and speedrun bad or weird games sometimes (or make other people play them as a GM in the bad video game tournament, Kusogrande)! Feel free to check my links below if you're interested in watching or following.

I'm the world record holder in such wonderful games as "My Boyfriend - Summer of My Life" and "The Bachelor" (DS).


If you enjoy my work and would like to help support me financially, you can check out the links below.

Thank you very much!