hej (she/her / queer / nyc)

cartoonist / illustrator / player of bad video games

hey, i'm hej! i'm a disabled butch punk cartoonist who loves loud music, eye-searing colors, unfortunate applications of the game boy color sound chip, beleaguered blue-and-orange sports teams, criminal cats, and my darling wife and partner in bad game related crimes, wafflefoxbrie. ❤

art / comics

please note that i am currently closed for commissions and commercial work.

my major ongoing project is a planned reboot of my 2007-2009 webcomic, catband. it's a queer anarcho-punk tale of a battle of the bands competition, set in 2007 new york city. it's a story about music and community, and the soul of a city. check out the toyhouse link below for profiles, art, and writing about the characters from the comic.

fun fact: i stole my username from my main characters' band name (hedgemaze expo) in 2003 and ran away with it faster than they could catch me. i sadly have never seen a real hedgemaze in the leaf.

my main twitter @hedgemaze is locked, but anyone is free to request to follow. the other two twitter accounts are for art and for my comic.

video games

sometimes i stream and speedrun bad and weird video games... or make other people play them as a gm in the bad video game tournament, kusogrande.

the struggle of egg never ceases.


if you enjoy what i do and would like to help support me financially, you can check out the links below. i really appreciate it!